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A Quick New Coffee Table

Oh my gosh, it has been awhile since I’ve painted a piece of furniture. I used to paint like 5 things a week a few years ago. I definitely miss it too. So we’ve had our dark stained custom coffee table for quite some time now. We LOVE it. It has held up for SO many things. The kids, the dogs, the food, the spills, just to name a few things. I’ve always gotten so many compliments on it too but I just am so ready for a little change. Most likely temporary because that was my husband’s favorite table haha. I had an old banged up coffee table sitting in our storage shed out back just waiting to be rescued. So that’s the next painting project I will be taking on. Here’s a little view of what our old one looked like:

I found an unused paint brush in the garage along with some left over white paint we used for our walls. The color is called Bistro White by Valspar in a satin base. We also have the best view of the fall trees and weather out our 2 big front windows, so I laid a piece of plastic down and started painting this table with a view. Since finishing this new coffee table I’m ready to start another painting project already. There’s just something about it that’s so therapeutic for me. I think it also helps when the kids are down for a nap or busy with something and I can sit alone for a little while and blare my favorite pandora station.

This new coffee table is definitely a lot different than the last one. It’s a little bit shorter and a bit whiter than the last. I do love that it has brightened up this little area around our living room and couch. I don’t expect the kids, the dogs, or CJ to be all that careful around it because it’s honestly just a coffee table. Spills, cratches, and stains are part of living and they tell a story. And that’s why I spent next to nothing to fix it up. It won’t break my heart if something happens to it but I do really love the little change in here for now. What do you guys think? Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog today. It really means the world to me! xx

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