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Fall On The Kitchen Shelves

Happy October 1st! Today’s the day we brought fall onto the kitchen shelves above our sink. We see and use this space a million times a day so I wanted it to flow and function perfectly. We have also decided to go on a budget this month. Almost like a no spend October kind of thing, so for adding fall touches I spent next to nothing on this space. Sometimes we can all get caught up in the new and the updated things that we need for a refresh, or seasonal decor. Yes, I’ve been guilty of that also. But lately these last couple months I’ve found it really important to reuse the things I already have on hand. Shop my own own for things. Use free elements that you can find in your own backyard. That’s exactly what I did with these shelves.

I started with the top shelf. It’s a bit to high for me to reach the function things so I styled it more for the pretty things yet added a couple function items. The plate rack I’ve had for a while now, and the plates on it are some of the plates we use everyday for snacks, dinner, and dessert. Around it I added some old amber bottles from my stored collection with some corn stock tassels from our garden. Then I stuck a few feathers from an old pheasant wing my husband had in his garage. Last, those little faux white pumpkins made the perfect finishing touch to the top shelf.

For the bottom shelf I didn’t change too much here because I love the way everything is positioned and flows. I added a Rae Dunn canister with the letters turned towards the back and a little sugar bowl doing the same. I mix and matched some more of our everyday plates, then added a simple white pumpkin from the grocery store on top of them. That pumpkin was the only money spent to refresh this space for fall. You can find some real $1-$3 pumpkins like this one at nearly every grocery store this time of year.

I really hope this helps inspire you for your fall decor this year or even any home decor for that matter. You can make spaces that you love with a strict budget. It’s one of my favorite things to do because it challenges me to think outside the box, be creative. I being a creative. You can also see more about this space and other spaces throughout our home on Instagram. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. It means the absolute world to me. xx

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