Dining Room · Fall

Pumpkins, Fall Florals, & Vintage Bottles

I’ve been so excited to bring fall into our dining room this year. I wanted to add elements and colors that’s I haven’t before. Fall is my absolute favorite season for so many reasons, so this may be one look out of a couple more that I try out this season.

Our dining room is still our same layout as usual. Our table, hutch, wall decor on the side is my base. To start refreshing or styling for a season, I completely remove everything other than my base items. The three elements I wanted to try together this season were, pumpkins (of course), fall florals, and vintage bottles. Some things I’ve never tried altogether before nor have I seen a lot of it throughout other accounts and stylists.

Experimenting with different elements and colors was one of my goals this fall. I purchased a bundle of dried florals from hobby lobby and separated each style because I wasn’t too fond of the bundle altogether. The orange eucalyptus stems were what stood out to me the most. I just set those aside for now. Then I gathered all my white pumpkins (real & faux) that I wanted to use. The real ones came from our pumpkin patch we did this year [here]. And last, I brought in some of the vintage glass bottles that I’ve collected throughout this year.

As a statement I wanted to hang a fall wreath from our hutch. I searched and searched for a new fall wreath and no luck until I found the one I wanted but for $45. Nope! So I decided I’d make a new one myself. It then clicked that I would use those dried florals from hobby lobby to incorporate in the wreath and around the hutch.

I hope that this inspires you for your fall decorating this year in your dining room or anywhere else for that matter. I am loving the pop of color and I hope you do too. You can see more about this space and other spaces throughout our home on Instagram. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, it means so much to me. xx

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