A Small Fall Entry

Our entry is definitely one of the most challenging spaces to style in our home. It’s small, narrow, and compact. There is pretty much no room for a furniture piece such as an entry table or bench in this space. It’s not even considered a space for me. More like a “spot” because of how small it is. I’ve been working up ideas for this spot for quite some time now and I wanted to start with something simple and easy, then eventually add to it later on. It was also important to me to make it a function entry. With the fall weather coming in strong here in Washington and Easton starting school, we needed a place for our light jackets, backpacks, and my purse. So here’s what I came up with…

I was able to squeeze in an old vintage chair without it being in the way. I can safely bring in my one trip, 10 bag grocery haul without the chair being an obstacle. I placed one of my favorite white pillows on the chair as well. The coat rack was an vintage find from an antique store a few years ago and was longly used as our towel rack in our bathroom until now. The “FOR RENT” sign was a find at the Junk Barn Girls market last year. See that haul [here]. For now I just hung my purse, a favorite denim jacket and a lantern for a unique touch. Lastly what made this simple and fall related, I added a large mason jar ball vase with some fresh clips of greenery and a white pumpkin from our garden.

I’m really happy with the way this all came together. I’m also glad that it’s a function spot when we come through our door. I hope to add and change out a few things in this spot throughout the fall season and of course share it with you all. I hope this may help anyone with a small compact entry that they are trying to style. You can also follow along on Instagram for more things going on in our home. Thank you for stopping by the blog today. It means so much to me and my family.. xx

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