Late Summer Hydrangea Centerpiece

I can’t believe summer will be over soon. Actually I can because we were so busy this summer, it just flew by. Next week our oldest officially starts school and there’s something about when school starts, fall starts creeping in. So I thought before summer ends I would whip together a late summer center piece using some hydrangea clippings. Our hydrangeas didn’t come in this year but we have an amazing neighbor who lets us take some clippings whenever I want. I’m spoiled! This year my appreciation and obsession for flowers and plants have grown dramatically, but I’m not one that wants to spend a lot of money on them. I’ve been on the hunt for resources for fresh flowers from neighbors, friends and family members and it has been really successful. Just about every time they have more flowers than they know what to do with so they are ecstatic to let me take some for free.

I grabbed a few of my favorite Rae Dunn dessert plates and mugs to use. Then I placed a few napkins underneath and in between the plates. Last all I did for this simple center piece was fill up some clippings in an old tool box, then added some more random clippings on the hutch and on the stack of plates. I’d love to eventually create an actual tablescape on our table but it is REALLY small and is tricky to do. I’ll be definitely try though. Anyway, I hope this simple easy centerpiece helps anyone looking to do something similar. This could even work with different type of flowers or plants in season. If you want to see more behind the scenes you can follow me here on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other time. xx

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