Master Bedroom Barn Door

This summer we snuck in a project in our master bedroom. I greatly apologize that it took me so long to share this project, but I’m extremely excited to finally share…

I have wanted a fully functional barn door since CJ and I started dreaming of having our own home to make our own. It definitely took us awhile to have one up, but WE DID IT! The type, color, and where changed dramatically throughout the years, but we came to the conclusion that this was the door we would use. A big solid vintage white chippy door. This door came from a family member of CJ’s in north Idaho that we had used in our wedding. We kind of forgot about this door until the time came for us to pick something to hang up. When my Mother-in-law suggested we use this one, we both looked at each other and without words said “that sounds perfect”.

This door separates our master bedroom from the bathroom. Originally, when we bought the house it had a normal right swing door that would hit and block the shower/tub every single time. I HATED it. There is also another door in our tiny bathroom that leads to the hallway… just too many doors in such a small space in my opinion. So when it came time to finally renovate our master and do finishing touch to our bathroom, a barn door was perfect for this space!

The very first thing we did was get the door all cleaned up and ready to be inside. I took a little scrubber brunch to get the extra flakes of paint off so that they wouldn’t be falling off inside the house. I really didn’t want to change anything about this door, so that was all we did to prep it. I wanted it to still look raw and unfinished. The one thing we did add, was frosting the glass. All we did was tape off around the glass and used this spray paint to give that frosted look. I would have loved to keep the glass see through, but since our bathroom is also connected to the upstairs hallway, we wanted it to give privacy.

Of course, our house is almost 50 years old so A LOT of things are crooked and not perfect, so we did the absolute best to get the door as level as we could. It’s not 100% perfect but that’s what I love about it and our home. The door was not an exact fit to the opening but we expected that when we decided on this door. We weren’t too picky about if there would be a little gap at the bottom. About an inch and half gap is what it ended up being. Everywhere else was covered.

When it came to hanging the door, we brad nailed a 1×4 piece of trim header piece that was just a bit longer than the entire barn door bracket. We bought our barn door bracket system off Amazon [here]. It came with easy to follow instructions and we had the door up quicker than I had expected.

I have to say, this is has to be one of my favorite DIYs to date. This door adds so much charm and character. I have to give a give shout out to my husband who embraces all my crazy ideas and does all these projects with me. You can follow us for more and see what other things we have going on on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you guys for sticking with me through a busy summer and stopping by the blog today and every other day! It means the world to us. xx

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