Summer Shelves

I can’t believe it’s almost the middle of June already. We’ve been so caught up with things, time is just flying! We had a graduation weekend for my brother this last weekend, we’ve been finishing up the inside of the house like crazy, and we have A TON of fun things coming up this summer! On the side of all that’s been going on and what we are preparing for, I’ve been itching to change up our shelves in the kitchen lately and I wanted to change them as the season changes. Ok, ok let’s be honest… I am ALWAYS changing the shelves. Even behind the scenes and on random days, I’m changing them up. But this time I’m really happy with the way they came out…

I picked up this vintage looking scale from our local grocery store a couple days ago. I love that it looks old but is new. I’ve never owned a vintage looking double scale before and I had so many ideas with this one, first having it on my top shelf above our kitchen sink. It’s not so much a practical piece, and I won’t hardly use it, so the top shelf is where it went. I places one of my favorite fluffy plants on one side and a couple knickknack type things on the other side. I love how the plant is a lot heavier in one side and lifted up the side with the small knickknacks. I didn’t want to overflow the top shelf too much, so that is all I do for up there. As for the bottom self I kept our everyday plates and pasta bowls on this shelf just in a different area. The same went for my German copper teapot and stacked small plates. I use my Magnolia colander A LOT, so I brought that down to the bottom shelf this time. And lastly I placed a small plant in terra cotta pot on the end.

These shelves are now filled with a few of my favorite things. I love that it isn’t too much either. It’s very simple, clean, and pretty. Not going to lie, shelf styling is not my strong point. I read and take all the tips I can on shelf styling. And I did just so for this little project. Are you all ready for summer? We are over at our house! And I think these shelves will be perfect like this through summer. Let me know in the blog comments below or you can come chat with me on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you for stopping by the blog today and every other time!

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