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Complete Bathroom Remodel

Finally, yes finally we have a finished basement bathroom that’s been completely remodeled and styled. We are loving it right now. It turned out better than expected but of course took longer than we wanted. CJ and I worked really hard and knocked out big chunks of the remodel a little bit at a time. One week was demo, another was tile, another week was trim, etc. I shared a blog post a couple months ago sharing all the elements we decided for this bathroom design, you can read all about that [here]. Of course I changed up a few things. One thing in particular was the addition of the mustard color in our bath towels. Then a few other small details like the hooks, lighting, and greenery.

First thing we did to this bathroom was gut and demo all the bad and ugly things ourselves. We didn’t have to mess with any plumbing or electrical which was the best thing ever, but we did end up ripping all the old shower tile off and found rotted drywall underneath. Yes, they (the previous owners or original builders, not sure who) tiled an entire stand up shower on plain drywall. That’s a huge mistake. If the water creeps through the tile and grout, drywall just soaks it up and keeps the moisture which could eventually create a horrible mold problem. After we took the nasty drywall out and got down to studs, we put in some hardiebacker board for the new shower tile to go in.

here’s a couple before photos of this bathroom:

here’s a few photos during the remodel process:

For this remodel we decided on a really low budget for all the upgrades. Subway tile, budget friendly porcelain floor tile, and a simple white vanity. As normal we chose to keep everything else simple as well. The reason is simple, I change things up A LOT. Maybe I’ll decide to try a different contrasting color, maybe I’ll add some wallpaper, who knows. But for now I’m enjoying all the bright whites in this dark basement bathroom.

As for as styling this little basement bathroom, the biggest thing we placed in here was our small little white cabinet that was given to me and I refinished a while back. I put some spare washcloth towels rolled up in a white basket, a spare mustard bath towel, some collected clear glass, a woven basket canister, a make-up mirror and small make up bag all displayed in the white cabinet. Above the toilet I added some prints that were generously given to me by a local artist [here]. And as for the vanity, I placed a small myrtle topiary, a candle and my favorite soap dish in the far corner. Just these small little details made a huge difference in this space and made it feel a little extra cozy and inviting. We are hoping this guest bathroom gives each of our guests all the cozy vibes when they are here. That’s our main goal for all our spaces in this house other than enjoying it all for ourselves. You can find the links to most of the new upgrades below:

vanity//subway tile//floor tile//glass knobs//hook//towels//mirror

If you have any questions at all feel free to comment here or find me on Instagram and send me a comment or message as that’s the easiest way. I want to thank you for stopping by the blog today and all the other days. It truly means the world to me and my family. xx

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