An Easy Temporary Bedroom

Ok… so CJ and I have this crazy temporary bedroom going on in our basement right now. Yep, our room is about a 15×12 foot space right now. We moved our bed downstairs in the newly finished basement a couple weeks ago because we started tearing up our master bedroom upstairs. It all sounds a little sad and compact but we are making the absolute best out of the situation. Our room will be the last of all the major remodel projects we’ve done around the house. Literally that is so exciting for us because then we can just enjoy all that we’ve done around here. Even though our room is now this extremely small temporary space, doesn’t mean we can’t make it pretty and cozy. I have this theory that if your house or a space is a mess or tore up, it helps to have a little corner or a spot that’s decorated beautifully or to your liking. It soothes the soul I think. And that’s exactly what we’ve done here…

We have a queen bed right now and it’s sitting on a sleigh style bed frame that our friends very generously gave to us. I’d love to redo this frame one day or maybe even upgrade to a king bed and purchase a new bed frame. Above our bed is the DIY chalkboard sign I made out of a broken window, you can see that tutorial [here]. I just simply wrote a little saying on the chalkboard that we should probably follow more often than we do then stuck some of my favorite faux eucalyptus stems from Hobby Lobby on top of it. We only have the one nightstand for now. I placed our favorite lamp and a couple books on it and called it good. On the other side of the bed is my old cheval mirror. As for the bedding, the large Euro’s, body pillow, and the small pom lumbar pillow are from Target. Our furry blanket and vintage quilt were a gift to us. I think I struggle with bedding and styling a bed tremendously, but I am so happy with the way this all came together this time.

This area is FAR from what I want it to be, but it’s a start and it’s extremely cozy for us at the moment. I have a whole different vision for our real master bedroom once it’s all finished up but we are managing this nice space for now. We plan to have our master all finished up here in a couple weeks. I’ll be sharing a little behind the scenes of our masters current status on my Instagram here in a couple days, so be on the look out. It’s already so so different than what it used to be. I also share behind the scenes of all kinds of other things on my Instagram if you want to follow along there as well. But my goal for this blog post was to I inspire you make your not ideal situation pretty, or even that there is so potential for a really small space, even if it’s temporary. Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today and every day to see what we are up to, it means the world to me! xx

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