Easter Table and Hutch

I’m am so so thrilled to be hosting an Easter brunch at our house this year with CJs and my family combined. Easter is always a fun holiday, especially with the kids. I love to teach them a bit about Easter, I love the egg/basket hunt, I love the food, and I love all the family time. I can’t wait to share all those amazing things all at one place this year, our home! I’m a little nervous to squeeze everyone in our little place but I think everyone should be comfortable. I mean we did just recently throw a birthday party for Aubree at our house and there were a lot more people there than there will be for Easter. We all spontaneously just decided on sharing the afternoon at our place just a couple days ago, so I apologize for the late Easter decor for this space.

Since we recently decided to host here, I didn’t really want to spend a lot of money on decor or fancy Easter things, nor did I have the time either. I wanted to try and incorporate all the things I had on hand. Because we have a tiny little dining table and not everyone will fit I didn’t want that tablescape look with place settings, so I went with a kind of bunched look. Almost like a grab and go type thing. I gathered some bowls filled with fresh mandarin oranges, and the plates we will be using and placed them on the buffet. We got a set of the glass goblets as a wedding gift and they will work perfect for some mimosa’s. A simple egg holder filled with fresh eggs help add dimension. I placed my Marta Stewart Dutch Oven in the corner where it will most like be placed on Easter filled with something yummy. As for the table I wanted to display a beautiful bouquet of tulips in a unique way. I came up with the idea of using an old watering can almost instantly. This probably is my favorite thing out of this whole set up probably because tulips are my favorite flower and I LOVE that watering can. I placed the berry tray filled with more mandarin oranges and authentic blue glasses. I love how it’s thrown together and that it’ll be easy to just grab and go for Easter brunch.

I also changed up the top of our hutch with a couple different things. I wanted to keep the white/cream color pallet but a touch of greenery with it. I layered a new architectural shelve with a little mirror and a “fresh baked pies” sign. I placed the “for rent” sign at the very top for a little more texture and height. I added a couple chippy planter pots with some faux dusty miller filled in them. The mug rack stayed up there from my last display. I think it works out really well there. The most clear thing here that I’ve done was layer layer layer. I’ve been practicing layering in my decor lately, and I thought I would definitely try it out here this time.

As I’ve said before, I can’t wait to host Easter brunch at our place this year. I already know this space will be filled with love, laughter, and little humans running around happy as can be. Also, again I am so sorry for this late Easter display in our dining room but I think it will help show that it is possible to shop your own home to create a fun seasonal space really fast. If you have any questions about this room or sources on any items you see, come find me on Instagram and let me know! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, and every other time as well. It really means the world to us! xx

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