A Cozy Spring Dresser

I can’t help it but add more and more spring touches this season. I’ve finally got my tricks down to keeping up on house plants. You can read all about my basic green thumb tips [here]. All the plants and greens just add so much warmth and character to everything else around the house. I feel like they are the perfect Spring touch. As for this little corner of the living room with this hunk of dresser in it, it was a quick temporary move that accidentally turned into this little vignette for now. On Instagram I shared a glimpse of the upstairs hallway all ripped up and ready for a make over. Well that little hallway turned into a master bedroom reno as well, and that’s where this big black dresser came from. I’ve actually had this black dresser since I was a kid. My mom splurged on this piece for my room back in the day. It’s a heavy, real wood hunk that’s definitely seen better days. A couple of the drawers are missing tracks, some of the knobs have been stripped off, and it’s been through some aggressive moves. But it still shows a bit of vintage and farmhouse I think and I’m so happy I’ve kept ahold of it this whole time.

As for what I wanted to display on top of the dresser for spring, first thing I did was instantly placing one of my favorite house plants on the corner with a couple dangly stems off the side. On the opposite end of the dresser I placed a couple of my husbands old things that used to be my dad’s. A little vintage gun cleaning box, a turkey box call, a mason jar filled with collected coins from all over the world all sitting next to a “happy” plant. I also add a little something I don’t normally add to almost any displays but I just couldn’t help it this time, a perfect little framed picture of our 2 babies sittin’ along side of my dad’s old things. It was just the perfect spot for that picture. And for that really easy spring touch, I added my little unused collection of terra-cotta pots flipped over.

I am really really loving this bold dresser tucked in the corner by our large windows all dressed in spring. I’m not sure how long the dresser will stay in this corner but I’ll enjoy it until then and anywhere else we try it. If you have any questions about this room or sources on any items you see, come find me on Instagram and let me know! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, and every other time as well. It really means the world to us! xx

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