Trying to Have a Green Thumb

I think there are 2 people on this earth that know how much I have struggled with keeping plants alive, inside & outside. Those people are my Mom and my husband, and both are always very encouraging and cheer me up after a poor plant baby has died. I’ve tried for years on the outside of our house to keep the perennials coming back each year, but never could get that to happen until recently this year. The same goes for indoor plants. Some of the herbs or succulents I’ve brought into the house has not always gone so well. And if I’m being honest, CJ has the green thumb around the house more than I do. He’s taught me a lot about plant care more so on the outside. He used to help his grandpa out the garden when he was younger and that grandpa showed him a lot that I was lucky to get passed on to me from CJ as well. CJ’s Dad is also super knowledgeable with landscaping and has helped us out a lot too! Overall, I’m basically trying to say that I’m no master at plants or plant care and that I’ve had a lot of help learning what I know now. Lately I’ve done really well with our indoor and outdoor plants that I think I’ve caught on and found the tricks to keep them happy and healthy and I’m more than excited to pass them on and share a basic list of them with you..

#1 Star Small & Simple. I wouldn’t recommend starting and getting a humongous size plant that cost $100. Start with an herb or two, or an indoor plant costing under $20. This will help you to just get a feel for caring for your plants. As soon as they start to thrive, go crazy and jump to a bigger challenge.

#2 Trimming & Upkeep. I have this as my #2 because a lot of my plants have been saved plants, meaning they probably wouldn’t have lasted another couple days at the store. But I apply this to all the plants I get. As soon at I bring new plant babies home, I pick/cut all the dead stuff completely off. I trim it all up so the new growth can start again. I also do this every few weeks as well since not all stems with make it sometimes. No worries though, new fresh stuff will be growing in no time!

#3 Watering. This seems very obvious but it tends to be my common problem. Weather your plants are indoors or out, the humidity varies. It is extremely dry where we live so watering our plants once a week just doesn’t work. They are completely dried out after a week. I check our plants soil moisture every 2-3 days, then decide to water or not. I even set a timer on my phone to tell me to check my plants, and believe it or not, it has helped A LOT!

#4. Some Research. Each and every plant I buy, I make it a priority to do some mild research on that particular plant such as, when it blooms (if it does), does it like damp soil or dry, or even if can be moved outside & inside. There’s a lot of different things like that that you can find about your plant.

#5. Amount of Sunshine. This trick kind of falls into the research one but basically your green plants just want to sit in the sun, keep them close by a window or sliding door. However the flowering plants such as Jasmine, only need about 4-6 hours of sunshine, so you can keep them in a nice peaceful corner a little ways from a window. Again, all plants and all environments are different so double check the sunlight in your research.

#6. Transplant & Fertilize. As soon as you get your new plant baby home, transplant them with some fresh soil and a little fertilizer. Be careful with what plants you fertilize though. We don’t fertilize our herbs or tropical fruit plants because we actually do use them in our food. If they are just for pretty then fertilize away. After your plant is transplanted and fertilized, this will give you a better chance at having a super happy and healthy plant that has room to grow big.

#7. DON’T GIVE UP! This is my most important tip for you. Trial and error, trial and error. Don’t stress out on if a plant just doesn’t work out. Save up your money again and try again. I promise you, I wouldn’t have any of our plants thriving now if I had just given up! This is me telling you straight up: “You Got This”.

Those are my seven BIG tips for you today! Remember, I am no master gardener or plant whisperer but these are the basic tips I go by everyday for our plants. I would LOVE to hear from you if this has helped. I’d also love to hear any tips and tricks that you have. You can leave your responses in the comments below or on my Instagram. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day. It means the world to us. xx

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