Spring Dining Area

Finally!!! Spring is here. It’s starting to feel so nice outside, little waves of spring rain coming in here and there, and the flower buds starting to pop up from the dirt. It’s really inspiring me to get some indoor plants set up and play around with a few spring items. The last few weeks I’ve picked up some really pretty plants from local stores around town and I’ve just beed moving them all around the house to find the perfect spot for them. I plan on sharing all about how I’ve been caring for our plants soon on another blog post on another day. But, I also shopped my home for a few things to freshen up the dining area..

For today’s Spring Dining Area I exchanged walls for my farm chicken picture and farmhouse hooks for the shiplap space on the left side of the hutch and simply hung one of my favorite tea towels and a metal watering can. I also stuck a couple faux stems with a little greenery and a simple white flower into my vintage laundry basket. On the right side of the hutch I brought in a small weathered chair and stuck a couple of my favorite olive buckets on it. For the buffet section of the hutch I lined it with a large scrap piece of striped fabric and stuck one of my large plants in the corner alongside a smaller one. I placed a basket tray with another small plant, a couple terra-cotta pots, and my potting tools in it. Instead of a tablescape, I placed a small cutting board with bowels, vintage jar glasses, one of our favorite candles right now, and a small faux stem.

I just recently have been telling myself that I just LOVE home decor, I REALLY love it. And I love changing things around and finding different ways to display or decorate with them. Home decor, DIY, and anything having to do with houses are my passion. I also like to do it to help inspire with all sorts of different designs. With that being said, I decorated this space to be able to change it up through out the spring season and into summer. I hope you enjoy this simple spring design, and are excited to start decorating for Spring like I am. I hope this space inspires you and thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day. It means the world to us. You can also follow me on Instagram for even more things going on. xx

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