Aubree’s Room Refresh

Well I haven’t shared a blog post in almost a month. I knew that sharing Aubree’s room was going to be my next one. I think I kept putting it off because I just can’t believe our girl is 2 already and I may not have wanted to accept it yet. BUT… it’s here now and I’m so excited to share it. I wanted to change a few things up in her room since she’s you know “grown” from the baby stage (the biggest thing I’m not ready to accept). I wanted to keep that whimsical girly vibe going but add more of the farmhouse look and A LOT more texture. CJ and I, yes I make sure to get his input on things around the house too, decided to still try and keep her room minimal. Bummer because I like to go overboard with everything hahaha, just kidding. But by minimal we meant, less wall decor, less stuffed animals, and less toys. We got her this storage bean bag [here] for her birthday that holds all her less favorite stuffed animals and blankets. We also hung one our favorite signs from Hobby Lobby over her bed, and hung her little dress she wore for mine and CJ’s wedding on another wall. Then we moved all the large “take up space” toys down to the play room. We did still keep all her toy babies and barbies in storage bins in her closet. After everything was cleared out, it was time to refresh the decor, yay my favorite part!

We turned her crib into a daybed since she was climbing out twice or more a day now. And with that I decided to change her bedding up also. She got a gift card to Target for her birthday, so what better place to pick up some new bedding and decor. For the bedding, I didn’t want to invest in new toddler bedding since she’ll grow out of that even faster, so I decided to add a couple comfortable sleeping pillows, couple decorative pillows and throw blankets, and new set of toddler sheets. The pillows and throw blankets will grow with her so she can still use them the next bed size up.

I struggled with refreshing her room and adding new things. I wanted everything to be so cute but still very practical. But I think I put the cherry on top of this little project and glad I can finally share it. Now Easton’s room is up next. I want to thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. It means the world to us. You can also follow me on Instagram for even more things going on with Ingrid’s Design Blog.

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