Elements of a Bathroom

Today I thought I’d take you all inside my head and the origin of mine and CJs conversation(s) about the design of our 2nd bathroom we are currently renovating ourselves. We always try to keep our renovation budget very slim, especially for this bathroom. We decided on inexpensive materials but would still give a timeless look for example, subway tile, a cement look-a-like floor, and a basic vanity that fit all styles. I always get asked why all white? Many reasons.. It gives off such a clean look, so fresh and crisp. White will do wonders in such a small space. It helps give an illusion for a small space to look much much bigger and more open. White is also extremely neutral. I can go back and change things up in my decor instead of having to rip up dated tile or change out a silly vanity and the room would look like a completely different space.

Bathrooms aren’t exactly a room you can hide, especially when you tend to have company over pretty often. It’s a room that will most likely be used often. It’s also a place you can go bold and try something different like wall paper or hang a couple photos that you wouldn’t normally hang throughout your hallways or living room. I am not doing anything too bold in this bathroom but I am going to take risks on the mirror, light fixture and the decor.

vanity//subway tile//floor tile//glass knobs//edison bulbs//hook//towel//pot


white + glass + porcelain

Vanity: ready-made vanity with a raised panel cabinet

Shower: timeless white subway tile

Floor: porcelain rectangle tile with a cement look

Hardware: glass mushroom knob

Here are a few before pictures of our bathroom for you:

Be sure to keep checking back for more updates on our bathroom. We are doing something new to it everyday. You can also follow me on Instagram for even more. I also want to thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. It means the world to us. xx

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