A New Getaway

Hey hey!! We finished up this room so dang fast, I forgot to blink. My gosh, my husband is so good and yep I’ll say it again.. HE’S THE BEST! We may have finished the reno on this room fast but I’ve been slowly working on getting some furniture and styling in here. I’ve been kind of teasing about this space on my Instagram with you guys, and I’m so excited to finally share this beautiful room with you today. It’s not “quite” finished yet just because I want to add a new comforter to the new daybed, possibly rearrange the furniture and add some above the bed on the wall, then also add some more small pieces of furniture like a night stand, a big comfy chair, and maybe hang some cute lights from the wall on either side of the daybed. But for now I’m loving it like this!

This room was the scariest room of the house before we completely remodeled it. I want to do a whole other blog post later on when I share a complete before and after, so for now I’ll share some quick details. We painted the walls in our favorite white [Bistro White by Valspar], added some pretty carpet, the black doors, and all the trim work. After the entire room was finished, I picked out a daybed I’ve had my eye on [here’s the one we bought]. I chose to do a daybed in this space for one because it’s not a large room and I wanted to make it another space other then a bedroom, and secondly to challenge myself to styling a daybed since I never had before. I thought the best place for this big beauty for now would be right under the pretty window that CJ redid with all the character. The louvre style doors on each side were dropped off by a neighbor in hopes I could do something with them. We also moved an old dresser my mom gave to us that was once my great grandmas and gave it a quick paint job and makeover. Other then a guest room, we needed another place for me to set up my sewing machine and cricut machine instead of the kitchen table. The desk works perfectly in here and a new go to place for me to make all the things now. Since adding just these few things, it has already made the room in the basement extra cozy.

So there’s the room so far, it needs a few more small touches I feel like, but I’m happy with how cozy and pretty this room is turning out. I’m going to try and make a ton more progress in here through out the next few weeks and hopefully we’ll have a cute little room for our guest to stay over and for CJ and I to escape to and work or jot down renovation ideas together. If you have any questions about this room or sources on any items you see, come find me on Instagram and Facebook and let me know! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, and every other time as well. It means the world to us! xx

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