Our Accidental Built-Ins

I’m so excited to finally show you a space we didn’t have planned at all. We have a small space of built in shelves now! Yay! I’ve always dreamed of having that built in look somewhere in a home of mine. They give such a cozy, homie vibe I feel like and can give a home so much extra character. We were not prepared to put these in, nor planning it. CJ and I were doing some finishing touches on our recently renovated basement living room and cleaning up and redoing the shelves in the closet at the bottom of the staircase. We just finished up and was getting ready to put up the closet door when my mother-in-law was actually the one that told us to just leave it there and leave it all open. CJ and I looked at each other like “oh my gosh should we? Can we? Let’s do it!” I love it when we do that and have both our brains click together just right. But all the credit goes to my fabulous mother-in-law because I was just not thinking properly hahaha. The built in cabinet is now completely finished and if we ever want use use it as a storage closet again, it’s built to have a door easily installed. Ok, so now that I’ve addressed how the built in came about and all, let’s see how they’re beautified..

I was so excited to do this and keep it as a built in. Tons of ideas were pouring in my mind immediately with what I could use it for, how to style them for seasonal decor or that I get to now shop for these beautiful shelves. I couldn’t wait to add all my favorite things to one place. But first I had to do my research on styling shelves. Shelve decor and styling any type of shelves or my biggest weakness. Some Tips, tricks, and a couple guidelines was what I was in search of. I received most of my helpful information from my biggest influencer of all, Liz Marie Galvan. Her recent blog post on styling shelves helped me out tremendously [you can see that HERE]. I gathered all of my goods that I thought would work best and made one big pile (I didn’t use all of it) Finally, I was able to bring out a couple things of my dad’s that have been boxed away for awhile now. I added some vintage fishing touches because other than renovating our home as an obsession, fishing is second best! So some mild fishing decor was necessary. Of course some greenery had to be stuck into some places along with a little texture from the blankets stacked on the bottom shelf. Not going to lie, this finished look was probably trial 250. As soon as I finished moving it all around to it’s perfect place, this was the finished product..

I will be sharing this built in a lot more later. With spring right around the corner, I can already picture adding some spring touches to this space. If you have any questions about our new built in cabinet or have anything you want to see throughout our home, come find me on Instagram and Facebook and let me know! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, and every other time as well. It means the world to us! xx

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