Paint + Bathroom Refresh

Ahhhhh!! Finally, I painted our upstairs bathroom. It’s something I think I’ve wanted to do for almost a year and we are completely loving it. We decided that the color from our original bathroom renovation just wasn’t working, wasn’t popping, and wasn’t comfortable. So, what color will make this room brighter, bigger, cozier? You guessed it… WHITE! The color is actually called Bistro White by Valspar. But now it feels and looks just the way we want it.

Sources: Paint // Towel // Shower Curtain // Rug // Soap Dish

So if we back up a little bit, we renovated our bathroom about 2 years ago. It was an absolute must do before our sweet Aubree was born. We got lucky and my dad was able come help us with all the plumber and tiling, you know the tricky stuff. We’ve loved the bathroom ever since. Just typical Ingrid fashion, I change my mind and want different accents, and a cozier paint color. It’s definitely the busiest room of the house since all four of us share this bathroom everyday. We have another bathroom in our basement but it’s past due for it’s renovation and there’s only a shower, sink, and toilet down there. No tub for the kids. We’ll get down to it one day soon. As for the renovation of this bathroom, it’s not quite finish just yet. We plan to add some custom open shelving where our laundry bag is now. Then finish it all off with some trim and proper doors. Here’s some pictures of what it looked like before we painted

I think this paint and the refresh gave me a spark for another project I have in mind. You can stay more up to date with my family and I on my Instagram and Facebook. Thank you so much for stopping by today. It means so much to us. Feel free to comment, message, or email me for any questions. xx

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