A Halloween Porch

Happy Halloween! I thought about decorating and sharing a Halloween porch earlier this month but it just didn’t happen. So I figured it’s better now than never. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays ever. Always has been since I was a kid. And once I had kids, it was game on. I get so excited to dress them up, dress the house up, and dressing myself up. I try and get as creative as possible without going TOO overboard. This year Easton asked me to do a scary porch, and I of course said heck yes!

I didn’t spend too much if not hardly any money of my Halloween decor this year. I’ve collected little by little through out the years of Halloween decor. The other thing I did was borrowed some decor that my family and friends weren’t using. My mom was stoked on old Halloween decor and she so nicely let me raid all of her bins. So I put all the stuff I had and got altogether and went to town on decorating. The two things I bought this year were the bats and spider web. Both things were from Amazon.

We made sure to also carve some pumpkins this year. They aren’t showcase, contest winning pumpkins but its was fun to have the 4 of us together and do something.

The scariest part of the porch according to Easton is the head in the canister sitting on the old chair.

The porch isn’t the only place we have Halloween decor. I also decorated our dining room with a few things. I share a little more about our spooky dining room on my Instagram.

I know it’s Halloween today but I hope this may help anyone that is looking to do some Halloween decorating in the future. Start going to Target, Walmart, and the Halloween stores now for their clearance items and save them for next year. You’d be surprised on how much stuff is left. I want to also thank you guys for stopping by the blog today, one of my favorite days, it means so much to me. If you have any questions about ANYTHING, please leave a comment, shoot me and email, or message me. You can also follow me for much more on my Instagram and Facebook! Hope you all have a happy Halloween with your friends and family! xx

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