My Market Haul

Over the weekend I went to my second Market. A market that hosts small and local businesses. Some booths were handmade items, and some were hand picked vintage items. I went to my first market similar to this one this last summer and I was instantly hooked and wanted to hit up every one I could after that! The Junk Barn Girls started their market a few years ago and I’ve always wanted to go, and I finally got the chance to go this year. They put on a great show and if you ever get the chance, or always thought about going, GO! I definitely look forward to going to next years.

So, I thought I’d share with you all my fun treasures that I bought, what and where I plan to use them. I first set a budget for myself. Of course I wanted everything but with starting a new project in the house it was a must to set a budget. I really didn’t want to spend over $100 so I wasn’t expecting to get so many treasures.

I bought these antique ash shovels that were used for a fireplace from the lovely LaLu Furniture. They make the most gorgeous furniture and also hand make a lot of small decor pieces. They also find some amazing vintage decor and display if with all their other goods. I absolutely love the metal and the rust on these 2 shovels I got. They also have small holes on the top of the handle, so I plan on hanging them on the wall somewhere.

Next I picked up a matching set of vintage utensils from Schoolhouse Girls. I’m so glad I walked through this small shop. They had so many adorable vintage pieces displayed. One of the things I’m collecting right now is old rolling pins. I plan on displaying them all in an old crock one of these days when I finally come across the perfect one. The other thing I bought was the matching antique masher. I’m not sure where this guy will go but I had to have the set together.

One of my musts that I had to pick up was a candle from Dandelion Wishes Candle Co. I’ve previously bought her candles before and there is no candle that stands up to hers. They literally smell up your house without even burning them. If you haven’t bought a Dandelion Wishes Candle yet, go her site now!This time I bought the smell Sweater Weather in her large tin can. As soon as I showed CJ that this was one of my purchases he was stoked. He is a candle man! Don’t tell him I said that haha!

The next booth that caught my eye was Bella Mi Essentials. I saw the racks of sweaters and cardigans displayed and I was in need of a new one of either. I literally could have bought everything on the racks. Her boutique booth was filled with pretty clothing. I ended up with a thin olive green duster cardigan. Perfect for Fall! I’m so excited to wear this all fall, winter, and knowing me probably spring time too.

Seasonal wise I picked up a cute item to go with our Halloween decor this year. It is a bottle bag with a poison graphic labeled on it. This guy goes perfect hanging from one of the knobs on our hutch with all the other Halloween decor around it. Oh and most importantly, it holds my favorite wine perfectly!

Lastly I stopped at a booth on my way out and a sign caught my eye. It was this “FOR RENT” sign that was picked from one of my favorite towns in WA. Walla Walla Washington is one of my favorite get always and when the seller told me she picked it from a place there I had to get it. I love the vintage look of it and I think it’ll go perfect on a gallery wall that I’m currently collecting for.

So that’s a wrap on all my finds and goods that I got from The Junk Barn Girls. And if you guys can believe me, I came in under budget of my $100 and only spent $75 on all of this. I’m so proud of myself and mostly I’m so impressed with the market and all the beautiful vendors there. As I said before, I look forward for next years show. Thank you for stopping by the blog today, it means so much to me! If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email, comment, or message as I’d love to help out. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more!! xx

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