There’s A Hutch In The Dining Area

Yay yay yay!! I finally painted this big beast I’ve had for about a year now. Well it’s not that big, but it’s one of our biggest pieces of furniture in our house. I’ve always wanted a hutch in our dining area. I’ve always wanted a hutch period! I think every “farmhouse” needs a hutch. No, we don’t live in a real farmhouse but that’s my style. So here it is, the newest addition to the house, and currently one of my favorite pieces in the house:

We had this guy in our garage for sometime now and ever since we sold our big bar height table I’ve had the itch to pull it out, paint it, and of course use it! CJ helped me get all the glass taped off and got it all set up for me to start painting it in the garage. I decided to go with a color that I’ve been eyeing for awhile now. It’s called Tapestry Beige in Benjamin Moore. I didn’t want to get Benjamin Moore paint though. I took the color to Home Depot and had them match it but with one of their brand of paints. I chose BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Satin Enamel Interior Paint. I had never used it previously, but after this project it won me over.

We have the perfect little table to hangout next to the hutch and an open shiplap wall for it to sit on. After we got it all painted and set up it was time for me to do my favorite part. Decorate! Decorate! Decorate! And not only did I get to add some pieces in there for display, I got to deck it out for fall too. After I displayed all my favorite dinnerware, I also placed in random spots some other pumpkins I’ve collected from Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Craft Warehouse, and the ones I made. For the past 2 years I’ve been making my fabric pumpkins. They are simply just large and small black and white plaid fabric. After the inside was finished, I added a few pieces to the top of the hutch to give it some more height and other elements. Lastly, I hung my favorite market bag from Target off the side with some faux hydrangeas hanging out.

I’m so happy and satisfied with how it came out after a paint job and also after it was decorated. It’s everything I imagined and more. I look forward to changing this space out for Christmas, and other seasons. I’d love to hear what you guys think about the new hutch. I also hope I can help inspire someone looking for some hutch and fall inspiration. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email, comment, or message as I’d love to help out. Thank you for stopping by the blog today, it means so much to me! You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more!! xx

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