Shelves In The Kitchen

I’m so excited to share with you guys a project that I’ve been itching to do since we started our kitchen remodel! CJ and I finally added shelves above our farmhouse sink and they are everything I imagined them to be. They are the perfect touch of farmhouse/vintage/cottage style that I was looking to add to our newly remodeled kitchen. We have a lot of stainless steel going on in our small kitchen that it makes it feel a little too industrial for my taste. Here’s what it looked like before we added the shelves:

Corbels are one of my favorite accent pieces lately and I was set on incorporating them into our kitchen shelves. I really didn’t want to spend a lot on the corbels so I did some small research and found the these brackets that I could stain and paint myself. Here’s the brackets we bought:

I wanted the antique look, like they’ve previously been apart of another home, so I didn’t worry too much about staining and painting them perfectly. First, I stained them in Minwax Dark Walnut and let them dry. Then, I looked through my paint stash and found an unopened container of Americana Chalk Paint in Lace. I’ve had the paint stored forever, and it was finishing really weird so I think it was just too old but it started cracking and looking… OLD, which was kind of what I wanted. Then, I added one simple coat of Valspar in the color Whisper Softly. The 2 paints mixed well together and I stopped once I got the desired look. Lastly I gave them all a little distressing and they were ready to hang.

When it came to decorating these 2 shelves, I wanted to make sure they were useful and easily accessible to use and not just for a good look in the kitchen. In our small kitchen I want to use every storage space I can get. I placed my plates, big and small, on the bottom shelf and added my recipe box on top. Next to them I placed our everyday drinking glasses also for the easy accessibility. And last on the bottom shelf, I added 3 of my Rae Dunn canisters that hold my flour, sugar, and tea packets. For the top shelf, it’s a little harder for my to reach that high, but I still wanted to add some everyday things. I added our bowls, some greenery, a simple pouring pitcher, an antique strainer and cutting board. Of course I plan to change things up every once in awhile and add season touches.

The funny thing about the shelves were that CJ wasn’t too sure about them at first. He wasn’t sure what my vision was. But as soon as they were finished he admitted he really liked them. He’s the greatest guy for helping me with all my projects and making my vision of things come true. I wouldn’t have been able to do these shelves without him. Actually any of my projects for that matter. I hope you guys like these shelves just as much as we do. I’d love to hear what you guys think. I also hope I can help inspire someone looking to do something similar. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email, comment, or message as I’d love to help out. Thank you for stopping by the blog today, it means so much to me! You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more!! xx

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