An Early Fall Centerpiece

It’s been a hot minute since my last blog post. We have had such a busy and amazing summer. Easton just went back to Preschool for the last time and will be a kindergartner next year (I can’t believe how fast time flies). I’m happy I took the summer off from the blog to spend it with my kids and husband. We swam in our pool almost everyday, bought a camper, and took a couple big trips. Easton also had a big birthday this summer as well.

We focused a lot on being outside and working on the outside of our home. We planted a garden in our two garden beds, drained and repainted our swimming pool, built a floating deck next to the pool, and had to mow our gigantic yard twice, sometimes three times a week in 100 degree weather. Overall, the summer took it all out of me!

As Autumn approaches, I’m planning so many things. It’s my all time favorite season followed by the winter. I seem to get the most inspiration and motivation in the fall. It may not seem like it to others but I can feel it’s HERE, so I thought I’d start back with a small early fall display on our little dining table.

We sold our big bar height table before our big trip to Hawaii and moved one of our small tables we had in storage up to the dining area. I also had 4 spare chairs in storage as well and decided to give them a paint job. I used Magnolia Chalk Paint in the color Shiplap that I purchased from Target awhile back. I previously painted our dresser that our TV sits on with the same paint [here]. I LOVE this paint. It’s one of the first chalk paints I’ve used and it’s such good quality and turns out beautiful!

For the early fall center piece I laid a neutral color place mat down and stacked a couple olive buckets on a corner (purchased from Target). Then I stacked a few white plates with one being a smaller size on the other side of the buckets. Next I added some faux eucalyptus stems inside the buckets. I feel like eucalyptus stems are the perfect neutral greenery for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Last I just randomly scattered a few honey crisp apples on the plates and place mat. It’s apple picking season and it’s a nice way to introduce fall without busting out the pumpkins right away.

Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to bust out the pumpkins here soon but for now a good simple early fall center piece will do. I can’t wait to show you all what I have planned next. I hope I can help inspire someone looking for a perfect early fall table setting. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email, comment, or message as I’d love to help out. Thank you for stopping by the blog today, it means so much to me! You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more!! xx

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