A Whimsy Baby Girl’s Room

It’s a new week today and almost a new month and I feel like April kicked my butt. I could not stay on schedule, find inspiration, or get motivated for the life of me. I’m bound determined to do the opposite in the month of May so I thought I’d start off this week with sharing a glimpse of our daughters bedroom. Aubree is 14 months old now and I’m not ready for her to get any older. She’s our spunky fun little girl, and I feel that she is getting more girly girl the more she grows. I think her bedroom suits her very well. I’ve always loved her room that we remodeled right before she was born. We scraped the popcorn ceiling, replaced the carpet and painted the walls. Not surprisingly we have a few more things left to do in her room including finishing up trim work, and replacing her bedroom and closet doors. But as for today I wanted to show you guys one side of her room that’s completely finished and clean!

I love the neutrals that all tie together with the small pop of blush pink. It feels so cozy in here whenever we all play in here or if I’m just simply laying her down for bed or a nap! The crib was originally my son Easton’s when he was a baby but we just gave it a super pretty paint job. I don’t remember the color that we used but I’m pretty sure I could figure it out. I’m so happy we kept the crib after Easton was done with it. I added the ivory rug in the other day. It was originally in our living room before we remodeled it. We bought the tee-pee for her first birthday from Amazon. I recently made the floral antlers above the crib and also painted the letter A from Hobby Lobby.

We all love hanging out in here with little sister. Probably because It’s so comfortable and cozy. I want to add some more fun things in here soon and I can’t wait to share more with you guys. I still have the other side of her room to finish up and share with you also. I’m so happy the way everything has turned out since we started putting her room together and I can’t wait to keep updating her room in the future. Thank you guys so much for stopping by and reading my little blog post today about our little Aubree’s room. If you have any questions on anything please don’t hesitate to shoot me a comment, message or email. You can follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook for more! xx

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