Our New Farmhouse Sink

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d share a little bit about our farmhouse sink in our new kitchen! We have had our sink installed for almost a month now and I’ve kinda been going back and fourth about sharing our sink and the “stories” behind it… Yes there are multiple stories about our sink situation! But I finally decided I’d share our thoughts on it and some sources.

So my original plan for our sink was a big white farmhouse sink, I mean my heart was set on a beautiful white one. But if you’ve looked or bought a white farmhouse sink you know that they can get pretty pricey! We found one on Amazon for a super good price but they were selling fast so we had to act fast. We ordered it and when the day came for it to be delivered I honestly was sitting on our front porch waiting for it to be delivered.. I was SO excited to get it. So the UPS guy drives up and I’m standing there waiting for him to come out with that big ol’ box but instead I heard a huge “BANG”! He didn’t walk out with my sink but instead asked was he was suppose to deliver. Yep my big beautiful white farmhouse sink was shattered in a million pieces. I mean when I walked over to the truck you could see porcelain all over the truck floor. So of course we went back onto Amazon to order another one and they were SOLD OUT! I tried to stall CJ for a couple weeks so we could wait until another one came back in stock or until we found another one somewhere else for a good price because he was ready to order a stainless farmhouse sink and I just wasn’t feeling the stainless idea.

So we ended up getting the stainless one and I warmed up to it very quickly! It was light weight which the white porcelain sink wasn’t so it was super easy to install. It also came with a rack that fit perfectly on the bottom of the sink, which was a score because I was going to order one for any sink we would have gotten. Here is the exact sink we have:

Once the sink was completely installed I loved it so much with the concrete counters that we did and the white subway tile. It felt like I just got a chefs sink installed! So all that was left was to install our faucet and our new garbage disposal. The faucet turned into being a pain because every time we turned on the water the hose would pop off of the faucet piece and water would shoot everywhere underneath the sink. We shortly found out that the package the faucet came in was missing the piece that keeps the hose in place.. Problem easily fixed! Here’s the faucet we decided to go with:

We also ran into an issue with our new garbage disposal. We ended up buying it with our appliances from sears. We installed it, following the instructions, had running water, used it once and it stopped working. Almost like it had jammed. We took it apart, reinstalled it, and same thing happened again. It wasn’t adding up so we decided to take it back and go with a different one from Home Depot and since we got it installed we’ve had no issues. So as of last week we finally had running water with a working faucet and garbage disposal.

Since everything has been in working order and I’ve been doing dishes on the regular I am in love with our stainless farmhouse sink and faucet choice. I don’t really think about wanting a white one anytime I’m doing the dishes or just looking at it. I would highly recommend getting a sink similar to ours if you’re on a tight farmhouse sink budget or if you are in the market specifically for a stainless sink. I love how large it is and how much more space I have to do things in it than our last skink that was original to the house. Please, if you have any questions or wonderings, feels free to shoot me a message, comment or email. Thanks for visiting and catching up with us on the blog today. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more!! xx

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