Dresser Makeover With Magnolia

I’m so excited today because I finally got our dresser that our TV sits on painted!! I’ve been talking about painting this bad boy forever but never had the guts to paint over the turquoise. It’s actually one of my favorite bold colors. So you know me, I had to paint it in a white. I’m so excited that I finally took the time to paint a piece of furniture since it’s been awhile. It’s not completely done yet because I want to replace the knobs and handles later on and I need to wax seal it but I wanted to post about the makeover as it is so far. This also has to do with my latest posts last week.. the Magnolia paint line that was just released at Target! You can check out some of their thing I shared [HERE].

I found the perfect color that I have always wanted to try from the magnolia paint line. SHIPLAP of course haha! I mean even that name goes with the piece since it’s up against my shiplap wall [DIY Shiplap Wall]. I love this dresser so much and it’s been so nice and sturdy to place our TV on for the longest time now. But something had to change since we have been renovating and changing a lot up in our living space. I felt like it just wasn’t going with any of our new stuff. It had already been painted the turquoise color when we bought it so no hard feeling painting over it. I haven’t tried any of the Magnolia paint before and I’ve wanted to since they first released it. Since I was painting a dresser I chose to try out the chalk paint on it, but I’ve heard of people using the interior paint in satin and has turned out great. I loved the chalk paint and how it took to the dresser and how it turned out completely. I still need to wax seal it and I think I’m going to try the Magnolia wax seal on it as well.

Here’s a few before pictures of the dresser in turquoise:

Sometimes even when you are super busy, it’s fun to just sit back and paint. In my case Aubree was down for a nap and Easton was content for a couple hours and I finally had the chance to sit start and finish the dresser that needed to be done. Painting as always been a therapeutic thing for me. I just have my favorite pandora station put on and start painting away… ahhhh so relaxing!

So what do you guys think so far? Have you guys tried the Magnolia paint line before? It is my absolute new favorite! Thank you guys so much for stopping by to check out more on the makeover. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more! xx

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