Kitchen Progress: Little by Little

I’m so excited to share our kitchen progress on the blog today. I’m hoping my next progress post is a full finished kitchen remodel!!We have worked so hard to get this far and it feels so good. It’s also crazy how fast the little things get done and honestly I wouldn’t be getting this dream kitchen without my hubs. You guys hear and see a lot of me but really it’s him doing a lot of the dirty work. Don’t get me wrong I am hands on and get dirty too but he’s the one that goes full force and not afraid to do the next step! I just tell him what I want and he makes it happen. When he needs help with floor, tile, countertops, sink, cabinets and everything else, I’m his right hand chick doing what he tells me to do to get the project done.

After the last kitchen progress update we got walls painted, cabinets in, and lights up then we were getting ready for our DIY countertops! Well we got more than just countertops done this time. We did our DIY concrete countertops in about a weeks time. Yes it’s a huge process but it’s totally worth it! I wish share a full blog post on our countertops soon. Here’s a few pictures from the process though:

After the countertops were completely finished we installed our big stainless steel farmhouse sink then started our subway tile backsplash. Surprisingly the backsplash took us only about 2 days and the following day wiping off the access grout. We picked up a few boxes of our subway tile along with matching bull nose tiles at our local Home Depot. White subway tile can be found at almost any tile shop you don’t have to get yours at Home Depot. We also got some tile grout from there as well. Here’s a picture of what we got and the color we chose:

Here is the matching calk we will use to finish everything off:

When we laid our subway tile we used the small 1/4 inch spacers for in between each tile. We placed the spacers on each corner of the tiles for an even space between them. For cutting the tiles we used our score and snap tool. I love using this thing because I feel like it’s more efficient, doesn’t use power, and you can take it and use it right where your project is. CJ and I discussed possibly subway tiling our downstairs bathroom in the future which I would use my score and snap tool for that too!

We let out backsplash dry overnight and it was time to grout. Before grouting our backsplash I was scared that I would mess it up but really it’s just a simple job and easy clean up if you make it easy on yourself. We grouted really late at night so we wiped the majority of the grout off the tile then came back the next day to get the rest off. You definitely don’t have to wait. You can get all the grouting done all in one day. We still need to clean up the top of the backsplash above the sink and a little bit around the rest then calk everything to finish.

We get our appliances installed in just a couple days and that will make an even more of a difference. In just a couple days we will have an almost finished functional kitchen! I can’t tell you how excited I am to start cooking again. We got knocked off our healthy eating during this whole kitchen reno so homemade healthy meals are what I’m most excited for. We still have a few projects to finish up in here and some small touches like trim and a little paint touch up. Thank you guys for stopping by and catching up on our kitchen reno progress. I’m so thankful for all my readers, followers and supporters. You can also follow along with me on Facebook & Instagram for more!! xx

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