DIY: Window Frame Chalk Board

It’s been a little slow here on the blog but not at all around the house. That means we’ve been busy busy busy! We’re still in full gear on the kitchen remodel and have made it to our biggest challenge yet.. DIY concrete countertops! We’ve planned for our countertops to be about a week long project and we are a little more than half way now. In the midst of that project, we’ve been working on some trim work, yard work, and a little more DIY! Here’s a project I just got finished and I LOVE IT!

I had this old window for awhile now and the glass had broke from a fall. I of course never want to just throw away anything because I know I’ll want to use it for something eventually and I finally figured out what I wanted. Surprisingly with having 2 kids we don’t have anything chalk board in the house yet. I wanted to do something fun for them yet something pretty and decorative for me. I had almost everything I used for this project on hand except a can of chalk paint and hooks to hang it up when it was done. Here’s what I started with..

All Supplies I Used:Window frame1x4 boards (count will vary on window size)1/4inch playwood (size will vary on window size)Tape MeasurePenChop SawJig SawAir compressor2 1/4inch brad nailsStainOld sockChalk board paintPaint brush/RollerHooks

1. To start make sure your window gets a good cleaning just to get the dirt and dust off. Mine has a white chippy finish so I made sure to be careful not to trip too much pain off.

2. Measure the backside of your window, then make your measurements on your 1×4 board depending on your size of window. I also put a quick stain on my boards so they didn’t look so raw. (Note: If you don’t have a saw to cut your boards or plywood, you can take you measurements into your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and they will cut everything for you!!)

3. Build your frame out of your 1×4 pieces. Then measure around for your plywood and cut your piece of plywood out. I used a jigsaw to cut my plywood.

4. Attach your plywood board to your frame. I used our air compressor and 2 1/4 inch brad nails to attach everything. (Note: again if you do not have an air compressor and nail gun, you can get away with using screws to attach everything)

5. Once your frame is all built it’s time to bring out the chalk board paint and paint your plywood peice. I did about 3-4 layers of chalk board paint and it dried really quick.

6. After everything is dried I then added my window frame to the built frame. I used our air compressor and nails for this also. (Again if you don’t have those you can definitely attach the window with long screws). Add your hooks to the back and it’s ready to hang.

7. That’s it!! Your window frame chalk board is built and you can hang up and start drawing/writing! To get that extra chalk board look I took some chalk and spread it across the whole board then wiped it off so it looked more used than brand new.

I wanted to build the bulky frame in the back for a purpose. You can totally just add a piece of plywood to the back of your window and be done with it. But I wanted something more so I can display things or drape greenery easier on top. I love the bulky look because it stands out a little more than a plain window chalk board. I love the way it turned out and of course the white chippy paint of the window frame is my favorite part. I can’t wait to do more with this piece around the house. Thank you for stopping by and reading about my project. If you ever make one or something similar I’d love to see it and share with me. Feel free to shoot me a message, comment, or email if you have any questions. You can also follow along with me on my Facebook and Instagram for more!! xx

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