A Cozy Corner

Since we’ve been getting a lot done in the living room before doing more in the kitchen, I wanted to start putting a few things together. So far in the living room we have the new floors in and all the walls painted and shiplaped. Check out my DIY shiplap wall [here]. All that’s left is a little trim around the walls, windows and doors. As you know I’ve been so anxious to get some decor up, well here’s a start…

We don’t have a huge house or a huge dining area for that matter, so it’s the perfect size for a small hutch/cabinet like this one. My Grandma & Grandpa gave me this cabinet a few years back in hopes that I’d paint it and redo it.. Took me awhile but my mom and I finally knocked it out one day when I was very pregnant with my daughter last year. It had glass sides and a glass door but I just wasn’t feeling it so I replaced it with some chicken wire. I saved the glass for a cute project down the road. I love this cabinet a ton and I can’t wait to use it in other parts of the house and future houses in the future.

I loaded my cabinet with a few of my favorite things that are handy and not in boxes during our renovation. I of course have a lot of my Rae Dunn collection displayed in here and in hopes that I’ll eventually have this cabinet overflowing with more of it. I also have a couple little target finds stored in there and a DIY faux topiary I made placed on top.

Here’s a few sources (just click the picture):

I look forward to changing this cabinet up with some new, found, and seasonal things in the future and sharing them with you. Thank you guys so much for stopping by and reading about my little cabinet in the corner. Feel free to shoot me a message, comment, or email if you have any questions. You can also follow along with me on my Facebook and Instagram for more!! xx

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