SHIPLAP!! – DIY Shiplap Wall

Alright guys, I’ve been so so so anxious to get our pretty wall finished and share it with you all. I have been begging CJ since we moved in (now almost 4 years ago) for us to do a shiplap room or wall in the house. He just wasn’t into it until a couple months ago he came to me randomly and said “hey I want to do a shiplap wall on the wall that shares with the fireplace”. I laughed at him saying “no you don’t, stop messing with me”. He was dead serious and I freaked jumping up and down for about 30 minutes then saying “are you serious???” a million times. He was dead serious and here we are sharing my favorite wall in the house.

Now, before I share our how to/ tutorial, there are so many different ways to do shiplap in you’re house. Different sizes, thickness, and installation. I read through tons of ways to put shiplap up and I chose kind of a mixture of ways that I found. Bottom line, I believe there is no wrong or right way, just as long and it’s attached to the wall and YOU LOVE IT!!

• 1/4 inch 4×8 sheet of Plywood (Count depends on how much area you’re covering)

• Table Saw (Optional)

• Framing Square (Optional)

• Jigsaw or Skill Saw

• Tape Measure

• Air Compressor

• Nail Gun

• 2” Brad Nails

• Wood Filler

• Putty Knife

We started by priming our wall with just one coat of primer. You can completely skip this step because it’s all going to be covered up anyway. We primed the one coat because we were priming all the walls anyway.


•You can also skip these next steps for making the panels by having your local Home Depot or Lowe’s cut it all for free. It may take them a half hour or so depending on how many boards.

1. For the shiplap panels: we took the plywood boards and cut them in half long ways. They are then in 2×8 sheets. We did this first so that it was easier to rip the boards down on the table saw.

2. Set your table saw to a 6 inch cutting space. We then took each board and ran them through the saw and made our pile of 6 inch boards. (You can do any size shiplap boards you want, like a 5 inch or 7 inch width instead of the 6 inch that we went with.)


1. Take your first full board and start at one end of the wall and work your way down the wall. On each board make sure you start nailing on one side of the board and work your way down it to prevent from bowing in the middle. After your first row is finish stagger a smaller piece of plywood above the pieces below it. We used nickels as our spacers between boards. All you will need is about 15-20 cents worth of nickels. After yours are placed and nailed, you’re free to remove the nickels for your next board.

2. There is no pattern on staggering your pieces. You can match up your lines every other board or third board if you want. We did absolute no pattern. We placed our boards in random places to help add a rustic charm to it.

3. If or when you get to a section and you need to cut out your holes for you outlets, just measure and use your jigsaw or skill saw to cut your hole out. We found that using our jigsaw was the easiest.

4. You may not have a wall like ours but ours angles at the top and comes to a point. To help you with that if you have a similar situation is to use your framing square. The square will help you find the angle you need for the cut. Make your mark on the board and cut with your jigsaw or skill saw.

6. After you have all your boards up, it’s time to fill those holes with your wood filler putty. You are going to want to fill all your holes with it. You can use your putty knife or finger whichever you prefer. I skipped a few nail holes hear and there to also help with the rustic charm look.

Here’s a picture of the wood filler and putty knife I used:

Here’s a picture of all the holes patched (1:35 A.M):


1. My wood filler dries fast so I was ready to paint pretty quickly after filling. I used my hand to smooth out and wipe off some of the dried up filler right before painting.

2. I painted my wall with the same color I used in the kitchen and living room. Bistro White in Valspar Ultra – Satin. I was able to cover the entire wall in just 2 coats and was very happy with the outcome.

I’m so in love with how it turned out. I love all the imperfections of it and it was the exact look we were going for. I think everyone could use a little shiplap in their home. Shiplap makes a home happy!! We just need to finish our new flooring in the living room then we can add our trim below. We plan on putting up crown molding throughout our entire living room as well. Once our trim and crown is up, it will be like adding jewelry to finish it off. We also plan on using this same shiplap tutorial for our whole basement living room and hallway in a future project. Thank you guys so much for stopping by and reading our shiplap tutorial. If you are looking into adding some shiplap to your home and use our tutorial, I hope it helps. Feel free to shoot me a message, comment, or email if you have any questions. You can also follow along with me on Facebook & Instagram for more!! xx

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