A Beautiful Mess.

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you today about the mess and not the pretty side of things. I hope you aren’t here for pretty pictures of anything because we have a mess on our hands. It’s not just the house that’s a mess, I am too! I think it’s sometimes important to share that not everything is sunshine and rainbows. I wish I could say that we have it all together all the time but unfortunately it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, CJ and I love doing home projects, some DIY, and making our home dreams true but life can be a mess behind the scenes. Some things haven’t gone as planned and that was totally expected. We went into this knowing something will come up and we will just have to figure it out. My biggest issue so far has been our kitchen sink.. we had it all picked out and ordered and when it was getting delivered to us, our UPS man dropped it and it shattered into a million pieces!! He was really rude about it which didn’t help at all. But yes I flipped and gave him an earful at the time. We were thankfully reimbursed the entire amount of our sink but the one we wanted went out of stock and has yet come back in stock. We still have not finalized a new sink yet which is the biggest reason my stress level is higher than ever!

Since we are currently redoing our kitchen AND our living room, bits and pieces are scattered around everywhere and the house is a wreck. There is furniture pushed to the side, tables with no chairs, windows need washed, dust EVERYWHERE, and not one presentable room in the house. Yesterday I had our cereal boxes stashed on our stair case for awhile and we eat standing up or sitting on the floor or random ladders around the house. The kids of course are the most important thing and we make sure they have a nice comfortable spot somewhere to eat, play and sleep all the time!

Here’s a picture of before we started renovating our first renovation in the living/dining room. (We wanted to redo what he did before due to some poor decisions with the flooring and wall color):

Here’s pictures of the same space from the previous owners before us.

Along with the house a mess, so am I! Oh boy, I am stressed out to the max.. For one it’s so hard not being able to cook a nice home cooked meal for my family that I found on pinterest that required an oven or burner or countertops haha. There have been days I haven’t gotten to shower for 3 days. Some days I’m wearing yesterday’s mascara, have leftover paint all over my hands and arms, and have zit cream on all my acne from the stress. I am very prone to stress and when it comes on strong I don’t handle it well. I tend to have huge melt downs or my face breaks out horribly. Im so lucky to have my family and husband because they calm me down the best and know just how to comfort me. Why am I sharing this with you? Not for sympathy. Maybe a little therapy. No, I want you to know that it’s normal if you’re going through the same thing. After each long day is over and I’m in bed, I tell my self multiple times that “it’s ok”, and “It’s all going to be worth it”!

We have made progress each and everyday so far even if it’s been a little paint here and there and there will be even more to come. Thank you guys so much for stopping by and reading. My goal is to share pretty pictures, a happy home and see the good in each day and every bad situation and I hope you can too. Follow along with me on my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more!! xx

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