All Things Copper!!

Hammered Copper Salt & Pepper Grinder Set [Here]

Copper & Wood Paper Towel Holder [Here]

Larger Copper Tea Kettle [Here]

Copper Measuring Cups [Here]

Copper Measuring Spoons [Here]

Copper Colander [Here]

Retro Copper Magnetic Timer [Here]

Copper 3 Tier Glass Drying Rack [Here]

I’ve been looking all around for some new kitchen decor and tools. Of course I had to check out World Market.com and I stubbled upon all their copper stuff. Omg they have so much copper items!! What I’ve shared isn’t even half of it! These are just some of my favorites I’ve found so far. I know so many copper lovers (me included) so I thought I’d take you guys shopping along with me. I don’t plan on have everything copper in the kitchen when it’s done but I definitely want some accents. I haven’t bought anything yet but when I do I will share my world market haul on the blog with you guys. If you are looking for some copper decor for your kitchen or dining room even, I hope this post helps!! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog & be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram. xx

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