Kitchen Progress: Lights Cabinets Action!

Oh where to start, where to start. CJ and I have been busting butt trying to get some big progress in the kitchen. Of course we started with demo right away last week and then started all the painting. After we demo’d we wanted to wash all the walls before painting because it was so grimy and sticky with it being in the kitchen. All we did was use some soap in water in a big bucket.

Here’s a reference of before we washed walls and painted:

For the paint color choice I decided with white. I am going for a refreshing, cleaner look for this space. Also our kitchen is pretty small and doesn’t have a ton of space. I figured choosing a white paint color would make our kitchen look bigger and more open. I think it totally helped so far! We also needed to paint the ceiling. After we pulled the ceiling fan and light above the window down, we noticed the ceiling color wasn’t original to the house and the previous owners had painted it a tan/brown color.

Our wall color choice was Bistro White in Valspar Ultra-Satin.

Here’s the ceiling paint that we used. No color was added.

We then hung up our lights that we had chosen after the ceiling paint was dry. I wanted a good strong main light hung up in the center. My in laws have a super cool light hung in their kitchen, and I’ve always loved it. We ended up on getting a track light with three heads on it. I was hoping to get the one with 5 heads but it just wouldn’t look right with the other light above the window being so close to it. Here’s the exact track light we decided on:

The other light, which is my absolute favorite light, is a pendent light. I love it because it reminds me of the lights they are putting into the farmhouse style homes. The light we purchased had a brushed nickel finish and my heart was set on a black one. So of course CJ took it out of the package and spray painted all the prices black for me. Here’s the exact light:

Once we had all the walls painted (other than the top trim area that I still need to do), and the lights were hung, it was time for cabinets. We decided to keep the same layout as the original layout. We don’t plan on staying in this house forever, so we didn’t want to spend any extra money on changing everything around. As for the decision on cabinets we didn’t want to spend a lot on them as well. We took all our measurements of the original cabinets and wrote it all down before demoing them out so that we could match the sizes with the new ones. Home Depot and Lowe’s has an entire cabinet aisle and we have had our eyes on these pre-built white cabinets at Home Depot ever since moving into our house almost 4 years ago. They just recently came out with a new style of cabinet and the cabinet doors have a more square type style to them. I knew those were the ones I wanted for sure. The brand of them is Hamilton Bay Shaker Cabinets. Here’s a picture/link a cabinet that we used in our kitchen.

And of course we wanted to install all of them ourselves. I am so lucky to have CJ. He knows exactly what the heck he’s doing almost all the time. It’s like he has x-ray vision on houses and can see where the frames and studs are in the walls without even trying. Installing them took us about all day and we were exhausted by the time we were done. That was the one and only time I was thankful I didn’t have a huge kitchen.

Now that they are all installed, we are now just waiting on our sink base cabinet and the sink to arrive! I think the sink will be my favorite part!! We also over course need to install our floors, frame out doors and windows, trim work, and the appliances. We just started to take things out and start on the living room to tie our floors into the kitchen. I can’t wait to share more about all that with all of you soon. Thank you guys for stopping by my blog today. I’m so grateful for all of you. You can also check out my Facebook Instagram and Pinterest for more!

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