Re-Styling Mom’s Bathroom

​This weekend I got to hang out with my mom almost all weekend. She had been asking me to help her with her spare bathroom forever. My mom currently lives in a rental that CJ and I actually used to live in. It’s such a nice rental in a really good area. She took our rental over when we bought our house, which was so convenient. The one thing bad about my mom’s rental is the landlord lady is so strict it’s a little ridiculous. This bathroom she had been asking my help on is the spare bathroom but mostly my brother’s bathroom to use every day. My mom is a very good decorator, and has amazing ideas. She is the biggest reason why I do what I do, and why I love decorating, styling, DIYing, and painting. She started the trend for me since I was little. This bathroom of hers was kind of just put together real quick so that it was somewhat decorated. But let’s be honest, it needed some major help…

Our goal was to have a balance between a bathroom for my brother and a bathroom for when she has people over. I talked her into doing all neutrals so that it didn’t seem too girly or too much for a guy. She also needed some extra storage. My idea was something over the toilet, like a cabinet or shelf. I brainstormed a little bit and I knew I could build a cabinet from scratch. I showed her a picture of some things I found on line and she liked this one the best…

So I came up with my idea, and I custom built this cabinet for her. She helped with what she could for the build. I can’t wait to share how I built this DIY cabinet with you guys here in a couple days…

After the cabinet was built it was time to go shopping. We didn’t want to break the bank with any new décor things for the bathroom. I suggested going to Wal-Mart and get a few Better Homes and Garden brand stuff to add. I know Wal-Mart is most of the time horrible to go to, but Better Homes and Garden has really nice stuff for good quality. I hardly ever go there, but it’s sometimes hard to stay away from to get some specific thing for the good quality. Here are a list of some of the items we have in the bathroom and where they are from…

Curtains: Better Homes and Garden

Bath/ Hand Towel: Better Homes and Garden

Rugs: (Both) Better Homes and Garden

Small Candle: Target Dollar Spot

Soap Dispenser: Fred Meyers (A Few Years Ago)

Toothbrush Holder: Fred Meyers (A Few Years Ago)

For the curtains for the shower, we purchased actual window curtains that came with 2 panels, and separated them and left the opening. There is an actual shower curtain behind the window curtains that is hanging from a separate rod, but most of the time those can be ugly so that’s why we covered it with the cool curtains.

I think this is a perfect way to decorate a bathroom without spending so much money, and also for those who live in a rental. Trust me, I know how hard it is to decorate a rental, apartment, or whichever. Sometimes you can’t paint, and sometimes they don’t even like you putting holes in the wall. I wanted to do so much more for my mom’s bathroom, like paint the cabinets, or hang a few wall décor pieces, but for now we stuck with what we had. I hope this can help inspire someone who needs help with decorating a bathroom on a very low budget or for a rental. You may even have a bathroom that you hate taking a shower in or getting ready in and with just a little spending, you can spice it up a little. Thank you guys for checking my blog out today. You can check out my Facebook Instagram and Pinterest for more.

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