DIY 4 Drawer Black Dresser

One of the worst dressers I’ve yet to see turned out to be one of my favorite outcomes. Who am I kidding, everything I refinish is one of my favorites, and I always catch myself saying “it’s going to be hard to let this one go”! I think this dresser was the biggest transformation I’ve seen in one of my own pieces so far!

To start, I found this dresser at a neighbors yard sale burried in the back of her garage. All I could see was a dresser outline, and LOTS of colors! I am so sorry I didn’t take a picture of the dresser before I peeled, scrapped, sanded the entire dresser covered in STICKERS! Other than the stickers, the back of the dresser had water damage and was falling a part. One of the drawers was missing, and it had to be one of the wobbliest pieces of furniture I’ve seen. But I knew it needed some help so I took this project head on.

First, I spent an entire day dealing with the stickers and got them all off in anyway I could. The dresser wasn’t real wood. It was particle board with a veneer lining. So I sanding the piece a little bit so that the paint would stick a little better after every piece of sticker was off.

Next, we ripped off the back of the dresser that had water damage and was falling apart (I ended up using it to spray paint a few things on it). We went the Home Depot and got a thin piece of plywood to use for the new back. You can have the store cut the plywood to the exact size, but we just did it our selves. To do it our selves at home we measured, then used a chalk line to snap a perfect line, then cut it out with a circular saw.

Since we were missing one drawer, I decided to have the bottom drawer be the one missing, and I wanted a shelf to be built for a basket, tray, or whatever someone wants it to be used for. Again, at Home Depot we purchased a white board that looked as if it was for shelving. It was made out of particle board with a veneer wrap, identical to the surface of the dresser. I removed the drawer runners then measured the inside of the dresser where the drawer was missing. We used the chalk line again and cut it out with the circular saw. We nailed the board with a nail gun to the supports at the bottom of the dresser. CJ had calked it in for me for that perfect look. I. So glad he did because it looks like it had always been like that.

Since it was now all fixed up and had the new features and all, it was time to paint. I had a whole night to myself to paint this piece since CJ had taken Easton off my hands to go help his brother with some stuff. And since I had that time, I got all the painting done that night! I used my favorite shade of black (Tomcat) with Valspar satin paint sample can from our local Ace Hardware.

I was so happy with how well the dresser had taken the paint. Only 2 coats is all it needed honestly. It maybe used half of the pint size can, which is great cause I have some more things that are needing some painting. It actually took the paint so well, better then most pieces I’ve done. Also, after everything was finished, including adding the all white knobs, the dresser was so sturdy and now a heavy piece of furniture. You would never tell I bought it for $5.

I hope this DIY can help anyone who has that one dresser or piece of furniture that basically needs surgery! I always believe that anything can be saved, so until that time comes, I’ll for sure let you know! But thank you all have taken the time to read my DIY saving this dresser. If you have any questions please comment or send me a message, I’d love to help and see how your projects come out. You can also follow me on Facebook Instagram and Pinterest!

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