DIY Interior Black Doors

First things first, I want to be completely real with all of you, this was a tough project. We were having some trouble with painting these bi-fold doors for the remolding of the new baby’s room. Honestly, I have painted a lot of walls, a lot of furniture, and I’ve even painted a door before. Not every day is your day, and yesterday I was just having an off day. Thank goodness for the amazing man in my life who cares so much about me and what dreams I have, because he saved my big butt yesterday! I am a perfectionist when it comes to painting my stuff, especially a door that is going up in my new baby’s room, and I plan for it to last and be there for a long time. But we managed to make this closest bi-fold come out good, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished result (other than a few touch ups I have to do). Never ever give up on something, until there is no other possible way to fix it, or if the project is completely ruined. Try and keep a good attitude about it, and think POSITIVE always becauValspthe end, it’ll all be worth it. Trust me, I’m so happy we got this closet door done yesterday, because I couldn’t wait to show you guys. We worked from the time the sun came up to when the sun went down. We probably could have gotten a few other things done if I wasn’t having such an off day.

I also want to share where I got my inspiration from before I start explaining how we did this closet door, and what we used. Last weekend I went with my awesome mom to our city’s Parade of Homes. My amazing future sister in law got us tickets since she works for a local real estate company. One of the homes really stood out to my mom and I, because the entire house was our style completely. This particular builder (Gretl Crawford Homes) put black doors throughout the entire house! I had to have these doors, and what better way than to try them out in our fixer upper house. So, here we went…

We started with buying a bi-fold closet door that Lowe’s had in stock at our local store. We decided to do these style of doors throughout the entire house as well, but one door at a time right? Our local Lowe’s store actually has all the doors we need in stock. You don’t have to go out and buy new doors though. We had 50 year doors up in our house that were just trashed and ready to be replaced. If you already have a good door, and the style you like, I recommend you use what you have. Plus, it would be cheaper. Here are the doors we purchased:

Then of course I bought my favorite paint from my favorite guys at Ace Hardware. I started with a pint size sample of the color we wanted to use. Our local Ace has a deal going on where you buy the $5 pint size can, bring it back and get your $5 off the same color in a gallon size.

Paint color: Tomcat

Paint type: Valspar Aspire (Satin)

Here is the actual paint color clip we used:

First, we removed the hinges that came on the door, because we wanted to make sure the entire door was painted, and didn’t want it to look tacky. We used a small roller made for windows and doors for the flat parts of the doors, then I used my handy-dandy paint brushes, both small and large, to paint the edges and inside corners of the two panels on each door. We made sure to paint both sides of the doors completely as well as the sides of them. Make sure you let the one side completely dry on the one side before flipping it over (we got lucky with a really warm sunny day when painting these). After everything was painted, we put the doors back together to make a bi-fold again and installed it up in the room. I added a crystal knob from some of the packages of knobs I purchased from Marshalls, and then CJ added the molding and top header piece so that I could take a few quick pictures and share with you guys.

Again, as you can see I have to make a couple touch ups to the door to make it perfect and paint the molding, but I couldn’t wait to share, so we will be painting some more here soon. We also added the closet organization inside the closet, we just have to add the rods to it, and then the closet is all finished up. We don’t have much more let to do in this bedroom until it’s completely done. I will do a blog post about the room when it’s done. I hope you guys love these doors as much as we do. We have the bedroom door left to do, so if you have any comments or questions just let me know. Also, if you’d like more pictures or if you want me to do a different tutorial on painting the doors, please let me know. Thanks so much for reading today. You also can go and check out my FacebookInstagram and Pinterest to follow more.

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