Twin Night Stands Re-Do

​Alright guys, my first furniture project I get to post on my blog… These aren’t the first pieces of furniture I’ve ever done, I have some past pieces I want to share with you, but I don’t have many pictures to show you to help as a tutorial for them. I’ll just have to see what you guys think and say.

These particular night stands, a sweet friend of mine had purchased them and ask me if I could redo them for her. Of course I was going to, there is no saying no to these guys! The night stands were real would and incredibly sturdy. They had so much fun character to them that I loved. They had these cute buttons along each side of the piece, along with a wavy look to them. They had bumps, cratches, nicks, a couple water rings which in my option all these add to the character of the furniture. Anyway, after removing the hardware, and giving them a good wipe down, it was that easy, they were all ready to be painted.

It’s so amazing to see what the power of paint can do to some things. I can’t believe what a change the paint made to these nightstands. The way I prepare to redo furniture maybe a total different way then someone else’s. But I’ll just share with you my way:

I don’t use a cleaner to prepare my furniture, because that can affect the way the furniture takes the paint. Just remove all Hardware and simply wipe down with a dry clean rag. After everything is ready to go, PAINT AWAY!

I like to get my paint from our local Ace Hardware Store. They sell Valspar pint-sized cans of satin paint, and you can get any color you want! YES, I don’t use chalk paint hardly ever. Not that I’m against it or don’t like it, but I feel like Valspar Satin pint-size paint cans do just as amazing of a job for a lot cheaper then using chalk paint.

For these nightstands I did three layers of paint to make sure to cover all of the wood. Once those layers are on, I let them dry overnight. After everything is painted, it’s time to distress! To distress, my favorite way is to use a medium sanding block and I just rough up the corners, the edges of the drawers, and the edges of the furniture itself wherever you think it needs it, where you want it, or sometimes you’ll catch a spot you missed, that would work too.

After painting and distressing is done, it’s time to add your hardware (knobs, pulls, ect.). When my friend dropped off these nightstands, of course I asked her everything she wanted including what knobs and pulls she wanted. She had already ordered some glass knobs herself to add them to the top drawers. She just wanted me to spray paint the original pulls on the two drawers on each dresser with a flat black spray paint, so that what I did. After everything is all put back togetber.. VOILA they are done and ready for their new home.

I love love love to display my furniture pieces when they are all finished.. I think it helps them sell better if you are trying to sell it, but I do it even if someone has already paid me to do the project. Plus I love to decorate anything and everything. For the display of these guys I added my own crystal knobs I already had since I didn’t have the ones my friend ordered. I just sat them in front of my curtain in my front room and added a simple picture frame, a faux plant, and a couple books. That’s all it needed!

This particular project, I don’t like to say easy because painting every detail and painting the right direction than just slobbing some paint on something isn’t easy, but it would be a good first project for someone who is trying to learn or has something small that they have in their house that needs some paint. Thank you guys so much for reading, I greatly appreciate each and every reader. I hope this project can help someone who may need it. If you have any questions, shoot me a comment or message and I’d love to help you out! You can go to my Facebook Instagram and Pinterest to follow more.

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