Just to Get That First Post Out of the Way. A Little About My Family and I

Hey there,

So, I figured I would have my first blog post be about mine and my family’s lifestyle. We have got a lot going on right now, but I think I like it this way. Not so sure about CJ on the other hand. We are currently living in a cute home in south east Kennewick that CJ purchased almost 3 years ago, and I absolutely love it out here just because of how quiet it is. There are surprisingly a lot of families that have moved in since we have, so there are a lot of little kids running around our streets. Since the moment we bought our home, we wanted to start redoing EVERYTHING, and we started some small things at first like scrapping the popcorn ceilings, new hardwood floors, and painting. But just recently have we started some BIGGER things.


Life can be crazy with our family because we both work fulltime jobs, and have our crazy, amazing, smart, beautiful little guy Easton who turned 3 in July. We also found out we were expecting this last June with our second baby, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. I think this new baby on the way was a nice little kick start to start working on our home again. Again, it can be crazy because CJ works for the railroad and his shifts are always changing on us, so we tend to have to figure out a new plan with where Easton will be for the day until I get off my 9 to 5, is CJ going to be around for dinner, will we be able to work on the house, or will me and CJ even see each other for the week. At first it was the hardest thing to deal with and it was the absolute hardest on our relationship because I wanted to be with CJ every minute that I could. But that’s part of growing up, and I’m so glad I learned to deal with it.



So as a family right now, we are living in a renovation house with all kinds of things torn up and some things half way done, but we are for the most part a happy little family. We are currently working on the new baby’s room, which I can’t wait to blog and share more about that with you guys. The exciting thing is, is that we have done every inch of that room our selves, which makes it more personal to me and CJ, and we like it like that. We will continue to everything ourselves throughout the rest of the house as well.


Thank you guys so much for reading a little on my family’s life, and I can’t wait to share more stuff with you.



One thought on “Just to Get That First Post Out of the Way. A Little About My Family and I

  1. Love love love this! You’re an inspiration to all the young, working mommies out there. I’m so jealous that you got the creative genes in the family! You are truly talented and have accomplished so much in such a short time-cant wait to see what the future holds for you, CJ, Easton and my future niece/nephew! Love you Sis!


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