Early Fall Dining Table Setting

Hey guys,

Today, since I announced my blog, I thought I’d share my early fall table setting for our dining table first. I started this tablescaping a couple weeks ago when Target set out their fall and Halloween Dollar Spot, and I rushed over to snag the best stuff I could find, because we all know the Dollar Spot stuff runs out in like 2 hours. I’m patiently waiting for the day they make that section much bigger.


As you can see, this space is missing a few things, which is driving me crazy along with how you can see how insane our backyard looks. I am going to add some curtains above our sliding glass door (to help hide the veiw to the backyard for now). I hope the idea I have for them works out good, because I can’t wait to share. I’m also planning on painting our walls just because I feel like the color we have now just darkens the whole dining and living space. Do you ever feel like you have TOO much brown going on? That is exactly what CJ and I feel like. Last, I will be working on a piece of furniture that was passed down from my great grandma to my grandma (we call me grandma Honey!), then she passed it down to me to paint and redo. It’s a small cabinet that would work perfect in the corner of our dining area since we have such little space to work with over there. Until that is all finished up, please try and focus on the actual table setting.


As for all the details on where everything is from, I’ll start with the actual table. When my parents moved from their big house to go their own separate ways, CJ and I were actually moving into this house now, and my parents gifted us this beautiful pub style dining table from our local Walkers Furniture. Love them for that. I got the grateful placemats and napkins from Target Dollar Spot. The 3 tiered metal stand from Hobby Lobby about a year ago when it was 50% off. The pumpkins on the top tier are from various craft stores, the blue ball mason jars are from a local antique shop. My mom gifted me the cute chicken feet salt and pepper shakers. The greenery is from Michaels, the burlap autumn picture frame I made myself, which I will share will you guys a tutorial on that very soon.


I enjoy this space so much, and hope I can inspire others that are needing help with a fall table setting. Thank you all so much for reading, I’m truly grateful for all my readers, and please feel free to comment or send me an email for questions. You can also follow my personal Instagram Facebook and Pinterest for more.



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